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we're having to put carmen down this morning.
she attacked molly last night and wouldn't get off her until i pulled her off.
i'm so sad. i can't sleep.

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wait WHAT!?!?! i havent checked LJ at all cause I was in that your black dog? cant you just give it to someone who has no other animals? omg :( so sad, are you ok?

Carmen had been getting progressively more and more aggressive towards Molly & to mom and I (growling at us if we came near her when she had a bone), was eating hands-full of rocks daily,etc. The straw that broke the camels back was this last attack on molls. She gave her a nasty puncture wound & molls was too scared to even sleep in the same room as her (even hours later Carmen was still charging the doors of her crate when Molly tried to slink past).

So, long story short: we did everything we could to help Carms. Trainer, meds, exercise, etc. There was just something wrong with her poor head. Having to put her down was one of the most horrible things I've had to do in my life, but I think it was the best choice for us and her and Molly. Because if she (Carmen) had snapped like that on one of us, or my nephew..I just don't know.

sorry, that was obviously from me. was answering from my phone & i didn't think about logging in.

thank you for the comment though, even if it was late due to you being out of town.


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